About me


I’ve been writing since I was five years old. Back then I wrote a poem about a Seal named Simon and his fear that he was going to be eaten by a shark as well as his transcendental questioning on whether he was actually real. The teacher didn’t think I wrote it myself but my mother informed her only a child as “special” as me could come up with such creative imaginings.

Decades later, writing is still the number one vehicle I use to try to make sense of this odd world that we all live in. From that moment to this, it has almost been the only constant in my life and it’s certainly the only thing that I think I truly understand.

Today I am a Australian-based, NZ-born writer, who is also an award-winning journalist and editor. I wrote an unpublished novel, that I now use as a foot stool, and am currently working on a screenplay called Grace Land, which I hope is more successful than my book.

Anyway, these are my stories. I do hope you like them.