The best morning tea – ever

SmoothieCups2aNo doubt there are plenty of stories out there about disgruntled employees who decided to bid a fond farewell to their colleagues and boss in novel and/or memorable ways.

Personally, I have never been despondent enough with a workplace to burn my bridges or give the two-finger salute when I walked out the door for the final time. Well, apart from the time I may or may not have suggested that a honeydew melon could fit somewhere spectacularly uncomfortable. I was working on a melon farm mind you so the suggestion was not really that odd. In Noosa recently, however, a farewell morning tea allegedly took place which in my opinion could rank as the best one ever.

You see one employee, who had allegedly taken voluntary redundancy, attended a get-together for another employee who had also reportedly opted to part ways with a company voluntarily. But from the reporting of the event, it does seem that while this person allegedly volunteered to leave, there may have been a smidgeon – perhaps even an ounce or a gram – of bad blood about it.

The reason I suspect such a point of view is that this soon-to-be ex-worker allegedly didn’t take fairy bread, or cheerios, or even ginger-nuts to the morning tea. No, this person allegedly took a batch of marijuana-laced muffins. Nom nom nom indeed.

Unfortunately, according to media reports, within hours of the event, and the consumption of said funny-looking, perhaps pretending to be spinach and feta, muffins a number of staff became ill – one seriously enough for an ambulance to be called. And according to a representative of the workplace, the reason why some of the staff became unwell was reportedly because the muffins were actually kind of yummy.

“Obviously the [muffins] were nice enough that people had a couple each. The (person) who was hospitalised had two I believe, so she probably ingested enough substance to make her quite unwell,” the rep said.

Although I was very pleased to read that, even in this highly litigious society that we now live in, morning teas would continue at this particular workplace even after such an unusual, never look at your colleagues the same way, how did I end up talking to Brent from accounts for three hours, event.

“While the consequence is significant, the overall risk assessment is that providing that we put word out to all staff about being careful about what you put in your tucker when you bring it in, that’s about all we can do,” the representative allegedly said.

The rep reportedly then went on to say that the last thing they wanted was a workforce that was jumping at shadows. And no doubt all manner of other imaginary happenings – who knew that pens and paper-clips had their own auras type of thing – which allegedly took place at what surely must be one of the best workplace morning teas in modern history.

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